Saturday, April 26, 2008

What does Full Service mean? A Rant !!

Hello friends, piggies, slaves, sluts ect....

Lately I have been getting alot of emails asking if a "manuel release is given". Well, let me first say to those of you have written asking, NO!!!!! My website clearly states that I do not offer full service, since you do not understand what full service means I will explain it to you. Full service includes any type of sexual activity, meaning, intercourse, oral sex, hand jobs, foot jobs and no you cannot stick your pathetic meat stick between my gorgeous tits either. I also want to address those of you who say you want a realistic medical session and then ask " Can you take a semen sample by giving me a manuel release at the end of my exam, nurse?" My answer to that is this, next time you go to your doctors office for an exam I want you to ask the nurse if she will help you give your sample by providing a manuel release, please email me with her response, I would love to hear it. Now that I have made myself clear, lets go over it once more.
I am a professional Dominatrix, I do not offer full service of any kind, if you are still confused you are a moron so read the above at least 10 more times!!!
I do not do anything illegal, Domination is not prostitution, get it through your thick skulls.
Have a nice weekend ;)