Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Medicine~A Fetish Story

Hello Pervs,

Fact or Fantasy??

It was a cold sunny afternoon, Mistress Nina and myself were talking about a slave that we talk to on the phone quite often and decided it was time to pay him a visit. We already had his home address but felt it would be better to visit him at work instead. We rented a nice mini van for the day because we planned on doing some major shopping later that evening. On the way out east we decided to rent a hotel room so we could play later and maybe spend the night. We had a gift for our phone slave that we knew he couldn't resist and have been thinking about giving it to him for quite some time. We pulled up at his work location and called him, we left a message that we were in the parking lot. He called back within 10 minutes, he sounded nervous but excited. I told him to get his ass downstairs to the van or I would come up and get him, he was down stairs in a flash.
The slave got in to the van and was astounded by our beauty and power, I immediately handcuffed him and put him in the back of the van, he tried to struggle a bit bit I laughed in his face and told him he was powerless over us because we had the medicine he so desired.
I showed it to him and his eyes lit up, I told him I was going to make him wait till we got to a private place to give it to him. I lit a cigarette and began to drive to the hotel, Nina went to sit in the back with him to make sure he was behaving.
We pulled up to the hotel and uncuffed him, he knew to be on his best behavior or there would be severe punishment involved.
Once in the hotel room, I told him to take off all of his clothes and lay on the bed, he started whining about his job and his family, I let him make one phonecall and tell his wife he had to work late, then I turned off his cell phone. I explained that he was my bitch now and had no choice bit to do as I say. I took out the pipe and filled it, he watched like a hungry dog. It was time for his medicine so Mistress Nina sat on his chest in her cute silky see through panties
to assure he would not move, the heat of her pussy on his cock put him in a trance. I then put the pipe to his mouth and told him to enhale, then again & again.....He changed immediately into a putty like drone willing to anything to please us, we decided it was time to take a drive to the ATM........Part 2 coming soon.