Monday, September 21, 2009

Don't waste my time!!! A Rant!!

I am sick of time wasters, seriously, do you have nothing better to do than call and try to ask questions to get off on the phone, what you fucking idiots do not realize is that most of the time you are talking to my assistant! No one is going to engage in your stupid phone banter so get over it!!
Moving on.....Niteflirt is still down due to technical difficulties BUT you can still reach me for phone sessions with this beta link BE PREPARED, you cannot reload your account on the phone once we have started talking, load your account first!!!
As far as live sessions at my private space, I am doing a September special, it's kick ass so ask about it when you call or you wont get it. LOL!!!!
Double Mistress Sessions are also on Special with Mistress Lila and Mistress Eve.
See you soon Sluts!!!!
Whips & Kisses,
Mistress Ginger Monroe