Friday, December 11, 2009

A "special" Poem from Slave Ching Chong, LOL!!

Last night I received a poem from one of my Subs that I just had to share, what a pathetic dumb ass, he did make us laugh though.....

I serve you breakfast with toast and jam
and make the egg and fry the ham
Mistress Ginger, so gorgeous with white skin no tan
But me so yellow with straw hat and fan
You ride my rickshaw for me to be pulling
I will always be hunched over shuffling and stooping
As the sun rises in the east
your rickshaw will run with chinese quick feet.
I give you pedicure so smooth and fine
then polish your shoes so they will shine
dinner for five, I am given a candle
up yellow ass it goes, as a shining example
I dance and I sing songs with broken english
at parties they laugh throwing riceballs blowing kisses.
You smell like honey and flowers so pink
I smell like old garlic, the stink of chink
Mistress Lila, body and beauty so fair
My eyes are slanty, squinty, see her I dare
I am a slaveboy with small little dinky.
To serve in chastity as her ching chong chinky.

Hahahahahhaahahhaa......The pic is the hat that Ching Chong must wear to serve me while he has a chopstick in his ass!!