Friday, December 3, 2010

A letter from my collared slave

Dear Mistress Ginger,

I want to report to you on the results of your training of me.

With the continual study and imprinting that you instructed me to do with the collage of black cocks you provided me, I have concluded deep in my mind that i do not have a cock at all. ( I dreamt last night that you had a prepatory and brainwashing session where you had me bound with my legs open to expose my sissy clit as you sounded me and pierced my sissy clit making me watch and requiring me to repeat to you and to myself looking inot a mirror that "i am a sissy slut" " I love how Mistress treats so well" " I want to suck black cock and fuck for Mistress" ) Although i have a male body, what would be referred to as my penis is at best an overgrown clit. Given my male body, it would be known as a sissy clit. The size of those black cocks are truly what a real cock should be. Clearly I do not come close. So it is clear, my role is simply to avail myself to provide service and pleasure to men who are so endowed as im sure their hormone levels have them constantly in need of having their cocks sucked, allowed to fuck and to have their full balls constantly massaged, milked and emptied of their loads of cum that their bodies must be manufacturing non-stop. Rather than they spill their loads of cum, it is best that they deposit where it can be used such as for nourishment in a sissy slut mouth like mine. They may also deposit it in my sissy cunt if they wish to use me to fuck. Thank you so much Mistress for helping me come to that fundamental conclusion deep within my mind.

In your last training session with me, I am still reliviing it in my head where you have me placed appropriately in chastity, collared, leashed, blindfolded and in feminine attire and brought out to be of service to all your friends. I am so happy to service them for you.

I thought it would be appropriate to report to you the effect that your training was having on me Mistress.
I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving celebration and safe travels.

your collared slut,

sissy maryanne