Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My favorite email so far this week and it's only Tuesday! Haha!

Good Afternoon Goddess Queen Ginger, Owner and Master of all Pathetic Pieces of Shit.

I had the privilege a while back of crawling my Submissive, Pathetic, Useless, being to grovel under the Magnificent feet of Goddess where I belong. I Served in anyway I was Demanded and forced to, Worshiped her most Beautiful body like a Goddess Queen is Worshiped, Suffered for her Amusement and Pleasure like all slave's do for there Master, While she laughed at my Pathetic Worthless being.

I was Humiliated and Degraded, Used and Abused, disciplined and punished all for being so Pathetic, and taught what it means not to be a Pathetic little bitch witch of course I'll always be.

I was wondering in what part of brooklyn her Majesty was now doing sessions?

Pathetic Piece Of Shit CJ