Thursday, July 21, 2011

Email of the week!!!

Good afternoon Your Magnificent Highness Ginger, Master of all unworthy creatures & Pathetic beings. I'm one of those Pathetic, Worthless, Sluts, who so eagerly awaits your return to New York, So I can start crawling my Pathetic, Obedient, Unworthy, Sissy Whore being, to Surrender my all to you, and kneel down on my knees to Grovel under your Magnificent feet where I will always belong, while I pamper and worship every bit of them, and I am Used & Abused, Humiliated & Degraded, Disciplined & Punished under your full and Demanding Control. Just wanted to let you Magnificent Majesty know, how it's been a long time since I was taught a pretty harsh and sever lesson, witch I never forgot under your Majesty's Strict and Demanding authority, and look forward to Serving, Worshiping and Suffering for your Highness's Amusement, Satisfaction and Pleasure, once again upon your return to New York. Pathetic Sissy Whore Bitch CJ