Thursday, April 26, 2012

Email of the month ~

Good Evening Your Excellence Your Highness Your Majesty Superior Goddess Queen Owner of all Worthless scum of the earth and all Pathetic Unworthy animals. It's your property Sissy Slut Worthless Pig slave CJ. I haven't surrendered to You Goddess Ginger since You moved to Florida (Although I do fantasies about it 24 hours a day 7 day's a week, the Punishment, Discipline,Humiliation,Degradation I have received in the past from my Owner for being so Pathetic) and see that her Highness is in Brooklyn now. I would love to crawl my way to Goddess this evening maybe just to pamper her Highness Goddess Queens Perfect feet and body or be to any services her Highness might need if that's something she would like. I am willing to do anything for the Most powerful, Demanding, Superior Queen of all scum of the earth. I am available all night if there is anything Goddess would like to Use or Abuse me for. Obedient Submissive S! issy Slut Pathetic Scum of the earth PIG Shit  CJ. 8:07 PM

So amusing! LOL