Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Needles & Nipples

I had not seen slave b in almost a year, I love when he comes to serve me because he can take my violet wand on his balls better than most subs and that gives me great pleasure. I tortured his nipples squeezing and twisted them with no mercy throughout most of the session, love hearing him moan in pain :) This session I wanted to do something new with him, as much as he is afraid of needles he gets so excited seeing them near his skin. Of course I had to push his limits and talked him into getting a temporary piercing on his scrotum to please Me, I promised it wouldn't hurt being the expert that I am with needle play, I showed him the sterile needle and let him watch me unwrap it. I did NOT let him watch me slide it through his skin so he wouldn't know when it was coming, surprisingly he did not "red light" as it slid through, he let out a small satisfying moan. Then he asked if I would give him an injection into his scrotum, I knew this pussy bitch wouldn't really go through with it but I love to push limits so I prepared the syringe and made him lean up and watch as I moved it closer to him (see pic) at the very last minute he said "red light" so I did stop, just seeing the terrified look on his face made it worth it for ME. Another Great session!! MGM 2013

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