Friday, April 25, 2014

Complete Control "whatever Goddess desires and orders"

As i try and work in my office all i can think of and focus on is my next visit to my sexy powerful Goddess Ginger next week and what She has in store for me. i am unable to work correctly and attended a work luncheon today with a butt plug shoved up my sissy ass as Goddess had ordered such. i found myself completely fixated on all the high heels in the room as the luncheon had about 80 percent women there. as i sat on my plug and dreamed of Goddess i realized that my mind is no longer mine as Goddess has now brainwashed me and removed all previous thoughts and ideas from my head and has turned me into Her perfectly obedient sissy bimbo slut doll whose life's mission is to serve and please my Goddess. Goddess controls all of my movements and has me kept in chastity so that i am in a constant state of heat needing so badly to obtain a release but knowing that only Goddess Ginger can grant such and will only consider it is she deems this slut worthy. Goddess has me running to adult stores and boutiques instead of doing my work to pick out slutty whore clothing and other deviant items that furthers my fall into Her control over me and i find myself repeating "Yes Goddess" "whatever Goddess desires and orders" "all for Goddess" as my thoughts and desires have been replaced with the focus of pleasing my sexy beautiful powerful Owner - Goddess Ginger Monroe, the Supreme Queen who deserves all and should have all submit to Her! submissively, slut gigi - BJVM