Thursday, April 24, 2014

PAIN for MY bitch boy, PLEASURE for Me!

I have not seen Slave D since I've been back from Florida till now, I have been torturing & playing with him for 7 years now and the last few sessions we had a while back I noticed that he had lost his once high pain tolerance, it was time to test him again. I started with some foot worship making him lick my high heels and shine my shoes with his tongue, My shoes quickly came off as I could not wait any longer for his amazing foot massage, this went on for about 20 mins. Time to get up on the table for some CBT training, all tied up nice and tight I proceeded to flick him and use a plastic flogger on him, at first he took the pain gritting his teeth, I knew he was almost at his limit but being such a devoted sub he wanted to please Me and took the pain, I was pleased to say the least. As a reward for not using his safe word I stuck my foot in his mouth and gave him permission to suck away at my toes. Licking and sucking away he was lost in subspace for quite some time so I decided to administer some more pain for MY pleasure, once again he took it all for Me. I really do love My loyal subs and have so much fun playing with them, can't wait till next time.