Saturday, August 2, 2014


As the summer goes on I can't help but think about being Goddess Ginger's poolside slut toy available to serve Goddess and Her girlfriends with such things as retrieving their towels, getting a drink or smoke for them, and painting their toe nails and massaging their feet. Goddess and Her girlfriends announced around the pool and by a sign they hung up at a pool side cabana that Happy Hour blow jobs are available. Of course that gets people talking and as a Happy Hour poolside bar crowd starts to gather, Goddess Ginger has me dolled up and leashed up in the cabana with orders to earn for the evening as She and Her girlfriends want to go out this evening. As various men are brought to the cabana, Goddess and Her girlfriends enjoy the scene and the profits as She gathers quite a crowd showing off Her slut bimbo earning doll to other women at the pool and explains how She collects $$ as She enjoys Herself and Her bimbo earns for Her. After the special Happy Hour, Goddess leads me to Her room as She and Her girlfriends get ready for the evening and fixes my attire and makeup for the night outfitting me in a full sissy whore bimbo outfit including high heels, wig and of course locked in chastity as She dangles the key to Her property between Her perfect breasts and when ready leads me out for the night by collar and leash and ready to do as She commands. As Goddess and Her girlfriends enjoy a night at local clubs, She has me nearby earning as She orders to pay for the drinks and whatever She desires for the night as Goddess is amused and comments to Her girlfriends and those around "what a perfect summer day and night right sissy bimbo doll?" but of course I can't answer as my mouth is busy earning for my Goddess.
slut gigi