Monday, October 10, 2016

A devoted letter

Why Goddess Ginger Monroe is THE Supreme Dominant Goddess
Recently i sat back and thought about today's Dommes and the whole bdsm scene and compared it to what i will term the "old school" days that existed just over a decade ago and even more so fifteen plus years ago. Back then the Dominatrixes were legit and genuine and not only knew their craft and possessed great skills in their areas of expertise, but the subs, slaves and sissies that served them knew they were in very capable and worthy hands and experienced amazing sessions each and every time they had one with them. Today there are many more posers who seem to be only after the dollar and don't possess the requisite skills, experience nor care about how the session goes. They don't take the time to build any connection that is needed for a true great session, much less build a relationship that can grow as a Domme and slave. i started in the scene as a submissive sissy slave twenty years ago and engaged for quite a while and saw many different Dominatrixes all over, but it wasn't until i met Goddess Ginger Monroe that i experienced what it was like to be under the total control of not only a strikingly beautiful sexy Goddess, but one who had the ultimate combination that included great experience, supreme intelligence, and the ability to take me to depths beyond what anyone else was capable of - all in the name of serving Her as Her sissy bimbo doll. Goddess essentially erases my mind and takes over complete and full control and has me at Her beck and call to serve Her as She sees fit. Once anyone sessions with Her it becomes immediately evident why She is supreme and why so many obviously love to see Her and flock to Her to serve and worship. In this submissive's opinion, if you choose to select one of "today's" Dommes as opposed to selecting Goddess Ginger Monroe then you are doing yourself a major disservice. i imagine any sub, slave, sissy or individual lucky enough to have served the supreme Goddess Ginger Monroe will readily agree with me and i suggest you prepare yourself for something unmatched and either arrange an online camera session, phone session or real time session when you can with Her if you are so fortunate to gain an audience with Her. you will be extremely happy you did and i predict will become a loyal slave to Her just as i have. The Goddess Ginger Monroe is supreme and owns this sissy bitch and i am thankful for it. Submissively, sissy bimbo doll gigi