Friday, February 1, 2019

Lasting Impressions ~~ Pushing limits

Favorite Email of the week ~~ Lasting Impressions ~~ pushing limits Still Session in nyc area? Inbox x Jan 28, 2019, 11:34 AM (4 days ago) to Mistressginger Hello, My name is John,I Am a sub. I saw you twice about 10-12 yrs ago in Staten Island. I know it was a long time ago. Are you still sessioning in the area? I believe you may have moved to brooklyn, close to my work. So I could see you this upcoming week. xxx-xxx-xxxx If not maybe a Skype thing? Basically, I remember a moment, that I have not been able to replicate with anyone else. You basically talked me into trying a few fetishes I was new, looking for a spanking, but open to try new things. I had listed urine as a hard limit...but that didn’t stop you from convincing me to let you give me a golden shower. You basically persuaded me to try. Using a little bit of coercion but also encouraging me to try it. I remember you being like don’t be a scared prude just try it. Then offering, maybe I’ll love it. I resisted and you persisted until I agreed. You were very excited, put me in a tub, then pissed all over me laughing at my probably priceless face. Telling me to clean myself up. Admittedly, I felt gullible and a little grossed out with myself, why did I agree to this? Just because A sexy woman asks to pee on me and I want to make her happy. So I am suckered into agreeing...I felt a little used and humiliated. But then Later, I thought that is what this is about. I love that you made me do it.(convinced me to consent) I love that even after I said no, it’s a hard limit, you really wanted me to do it and pushed for it. I have chased that feeling. The I don’t care if you don’t want to...I want you to do it, so will you do it sub? Getting consent. So that leads me to search you out. Looking for new experiences like that. I have also sort of enjoyed the forced feminization sissy stuff. Especially humiliating dildo play. I imagine you having me suck the dildo and training me to eat cum like a good sissy. Giving myself a facial. Admittedly sometimes I imagine the cum is not mine. Making the situation much more difficult to consent to. But I keep imagining you pushing me to try it. Then laughing and calling me names. Thanks for reading Mistress. Sent from my iPhone