Sunday, January 3, 2021

Letter from My bimbo slut

Greetings, As I said in My first post I have salvaged some precious letters from My blog that got deleted and here is one of them. After sessions I like to give certain subs the assignment of writing to Me about the experience they had although some are passionate enough about them that they do it on their own without being told to do so. Here is one of them, read it and of course visualize. Enjoy and then reach out to Me for some virtual Kink play!

Whips & Kisses
Mistress Ginger

Friday, January 1, 2021

New Year - New Blog

Happy New Year! Let's hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us. With that said, I lost my old blog "Gingersnaps" it was deleted by mistake but...I do have some screen shots of old posts that I will be posting from time to time. I started that blog back in 2008 and it had such great stuff on it :( Now it's time to start fresh so follow this one because I will be posting at least twice a month. If you are a sub that would like to be featured on My blog contact Me and tell Me why along with a pic or two that you think I will find interesting. This is something I used to do on My old blog and I really enjoyed it. I hope everyone had a safe New years eve and social distanced!! The longer W/we continue to stay home and practice social distancing, mask wearing ect the sooner W/we will be able to play in person again and of course W/we all want that. Hand hygiene is so important now, you may notice that you are not getting as many colds now that you are washing your hands more, being a nurse I have always been a compulsive hand washer and get very few colds if any so make it a habit, yes that's an order!! Till next time..
Whips & Kisses, MG