Sunday, February 7, 2021

Why chat sessions are so popular especially NOW!!

Greetings Kinky ones,

I hope this post finds you all safe at home and healthy. Things are pretty grim right now due to the pandemic but we can still play and escape for at least a little while with virtual sessions, they might not be what we want but it's what we have so let's make the best of it. One of the most popular types of sessions right now is the chat text session. Why you ask, well first of all you can do it from anywhere without anyone knowing, so for those of you who like being risky that's an added perk. Second, it is cost effective but if you are going to do a long role play consider sending an extra tribute to Mistress for her time and expertise. Third, you can send and request pics, but make sure to ask permission and see if there is an extra tribute. If I get an unsolicited dick pic while chatting your ass is getting blocked, that is so disrespectful. Feeling Kinky at work, you can chat with your Mistress, feeling like you need to submit before work but people are home, you can go to the bathroom and chat with your Mistress. You can chat anytime from anywhere.
Stay Kinky bitches,

Mistress Ginger

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